Emily Blumenshine

Energy Healing completely changed my life…

I went from feeling obstructed from what I desired in life to curating my own unique experience that aligns with my deepest values. I was stressed, anxious, and overall unhappy… and then energy healing came into my life. I have been able to heal through blockages and understand my place in the universe by attuning to vital life force energy. By utilizing universal healing energy I have been able to cultivate clarity and a grounded sense of self that allows me to feel supported in my human journey.

I have always been able to feel energies, but never knew how to protect myself or harness it as a tool. Before learning about energy healing, I would absorb the energies of others without even realizing. This caused a lot of overwhelm and confusion in my life because I could not discern between what was mine energetically and what wasn’t.

Sound familiar?

We are all born with the capability to feel and harness energy, but somewhere along the way we forget.

Using Energy Healing as a tool has allowed me to move through blockages that I have been carrying from this lifetime and others. This has granted me a sense of freedom and has aligned me with opportunities in life that are in sync with my unique frequency! Aligning and grounding ourselves within our own energetic field can allow people and opportunities that are in alignment with our highest good to present themselves!

If this interests you, let’s get in touch.

Big love and blessings!

Welcome To Your Healing Journey

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing helps activate your bodies natural healing processes which promotes physical and emotional well-being!

Universal healing energy is present all around us, in all things always. It never goes away. Anyone can access it. It is your human right to utilize this energy to heal through blockages so that you may align with your highest vision of self.

You deserve to feel not just good, but AMAZING!

Universal healing energy is intelligent and intuitively goes where it is wanted and needed for your absolute highest good and optimal healing. The process of Energy Healing can transcend time and space. Love and energy know no bounds! Even from a distance, Energy Healing can have tremendous benefits.

The Process of Energy Healing

Energy Healing can be conducted in person or from a distance! During a long distance session, I channel through a surrogate, treating the session as if you are actually there with me. When facilitating a session we set intention, assess your energy body, and clear any stagnant energy that may be residing. It is important to note that I am not healing you. I am merely serving as a channel for life force energy to be sent directly to your vessel to where it is wanted and needed for your absolute highest good! Every session is infused with love and the intention of optimal healing.

Interested in a Long Distance session?

Don’t worry – I will be sending you set up instructions prior to your session so you’ll be open and ready to receive.

What to Expect During a Session

Every session is unique to the individual and their human experience. Stagnant energy and energetic blockages can manifest in a number of ways. No two experiences or journeys are the same!

During an energy healing session you may feel physical sensations such as tingling or warmth. You may even feel a sense of lightness or floating. You may feel nothing at all.

It is important to release any and all expectations around your healing experience and trust that healing is taking place exactly as it should.

When booking a session with a reading: You will receive a channeled reading shortly after the session that gives additional clarity on how certain energetic blockages/themes may be effecting your energy body and your life! Readings can be done over video chat or sent to your email with photos of each card as well as additional channeled messages and visions that I receive on your behalf!

Interested in Energy Healing as a tool? Book a session!
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